MVR Evaporator


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MVR Evaporator

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MVR Evaporator is a high efficient concentration evaporator evaporating 1 ton water just consuming 40 degrees electricity.

Moisture evaporation capacity common specification t/h: 512202430406080100120140160200250300

Main principle:

Vapor-compression evaporation is the evaporation method by which a blower, compressor or jet ejector is used to compress, and thus, increase the pressure of the vapor produced. Since the pressure increase of the vapor also generates an increase in the condensation temperature, the same vapor can serve as the heating medium for its "mother" liquid or solution being concentrated, from which the vapor was generated to begin with. If no compression was provided, the vapor would be at the same temperature as

It is used for cryoconcentration in milk industryamylaceum industryorganic acid industryVC industryxylose industrypharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, bioengineering, Environmental protection\ waste liquor recovery, papermaking, salt manufacturing and so on.

Structure of system:

It has a simple structure。 It is made of heaterseparatorcompressorvacuum pumpcirculatoroperating platform\ Electrical instrumentation control cabinet valves and pipeline

Main superiority:

Ultra-low evaporation temperature: the lowest temperature is 40。

Crystallization by evaporating: crystallization by directly evaporating

Energy conservation: high thermal efficiency and low specific energy consumption

Environmental protection: It is independent of steam boiler。 Mechanical compress evaporators can run only by electricity。

Low operating cost: Because of low energy consumption, the operating cost is also low。

High automaticity: The entire operation of evaporimeter can be controlled automatically including filling, preheating, evaporating, cleaning, maintain and so on。 So, it can prevent from human error to lower manpower cost and improve product quality。

Little floor space: The volume of evaporimeter with power of500l/h is 4*3*1.6 stere.

Relevant parameter:

Evaporative power: 50L/h-100t/h

Evaporating temperature: 30 -100

Power consumption of evaporating each ton water: 15KW-100KW

Fresh steam consumption: 0t/h

Feed containing solid amount: no requirement

Ejection of compact containing solid amount: It can crystallize by directly evaporating.

Model of evaporationfalling filmclimbing film,forced circulationfluidized bed evaporation,countercurrentstiringCorti's tunnel and so on.

Heat transfer component: Can be designed as plate-type, tubular and so on。

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